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Climate Action

At Tiger of Sweden, we are humble about the fact that we are part of an industry that contributes to climate change and are dedicated to taking an active role in its transformation.

Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, STICA collaborates with over 50 brands and other stakeholders in the apparel and textile industry. Together, we are developing climate-friendly solutions for the global fashion industry and highlighting the need for action.

To learn more, review the latest annual report.

Sustainable Fashion Academy

SFA’s mission is to equip fashion industry professionals with the knowledge and tools to create meaningful, sustainable products while growing their businesses. With SFA online training, we are educating our team about climate action, sustainable design practices, material choice, textile dyeing and finishing, manufacturing, working conditions, production use and re-use.

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Go to our Partners & Initiatives page to learn more about other organisations we work with to reduce our climate impact.