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Transeasonal dressing: Mastering style and comfort between seasons

When it comes to transeasonal dressing in June and July, it is essential to have the right outerwear in your wardrobe that seamlessly adapts to changing temperatures. All while keeping you stylish and comfortable. From oversized statement coats and blazers for men and blazers for women to denim staples, leather jackets and trench coats, these versatile Tiger of Sweden pieces prepare you for any weather scenario.

Embracing the importance of transeasonal dressing

Transeasonal dressing allows you to effortlessly transition from cooler mornings to warmer afternoons, and even chilly evenings, without compromising on style. It is all about layering and embracing oversized tailoring to create looks that withstand shifting temperatures. To make the most of your transeasonal wardrobe, we have curated a collection of must-have pieces, along with valuable styling tips.

The versatile coat: A transeasonal staple

Coats play a pivotal role in transeasonal dressing, offering warmth with a touch of practical style. Tiger of Sweden has an extensive collection, ranging from timeless black coats to elegant tailored coats and practical puffer coats.

When selecting a coat, consider the versatility of a black coat, which effortlessly elevates any outfit. Alternatively, opt for a chic tailored coat to add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Classic peacoats and elegant overcoats are timeless options that exude refinement, while mid-length and water-repellent cotton-twill coats provide both practicality and style and are a lighter alternative for the warmer months

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The timeless appeal of leather jackets

Elevate your wardrobe with the durability of a leather jacket. Catering to all, a quality leather jacket can be styled with sweaters and shirts and epitomises style that never goes out of fashion. Whether it is a black leather jacket, a menswear leather jacket, a biker jacket, or a leather trench coat, the leather jacket is a classic transitional and timeless piece.

Look for a well-fitted leather jacket that can be layered over a sweater or paired with a shirt, offering you endless options for versatile looks this autumn.

The essential trench coat: A stylish investment

A trench coat is a worthwhile investment that serves as a statement piece for years. Opt for a classic silhouette that effortlessly complements your existing wardrobe or embrace the timeless elegance of a light-coloured trench coat.

With its roomy and versatile design, a trench coat allows for layering on cooler days and warmer evenings and can effortlessly accompany sleek suiting or a black evening dress. Exude sophistication with a navy-blue double-breasted trench coat, rooted in timeless charm that lies in its ability to adapt to a range of styles and seasons. It is a versatile choice for transeasonal dressing.

The effortless versatility of blazers

The blazer has gracefully transitioned from its workwear origins to become an indispensable piece in every carefully curated transeasonal capsule wardrobe. Incorporating a blazer into your wardrobe introduces sophistication and versatility with ease. Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, the blazer effortlessly adapts to cater to all occasions and seasons. From work to the weekend. Find your perfect fit from a range of classic neutral colours, including black, navy, or grey. Alternatively, embrace patterns like check, plaid, or houndstooth for contemporary flair. With its inherent ability to elevate any ensemble, the blazer proves to be a tailored year-round investment that effortlessly enhances your personal style.