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How to find the perfect suit for a wedding

A wedding is an important occasion, and at Tiger of Sweden we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to wear the perfect suit. We are passionate about creating the suit that best reflects your personality and fits your unique needs. Honouring our design heritage of over 120 years, our suit offering will ensure you find the suit cut and style that flatters your silhouette and fits the event. Whether you identify as a bride, groom or one of the happy couple, or are a wedding attendant or stylish guest, we are here to help you find just the right suit for the big day.

To explore more ideas for wedding suits and tuxedos, we also recommend looking into our suit guide for men and women suit guide for men and women to discover other suit styles, fits and silhouettes.

Wedding suits for the newlyweds

The choice of suit for your wedding depends on the season, venue and formality, but it should also reflect your personal taste. At Tiger of Sweden, we create tailored fashion pieces and offer suits in diverse colours and styles. Brides can choose a modern twist on traditional wedding attire and opt for a suit. The suit jacket's lapel defines your suit's formality and should follow the theme of your wedding. The notch lapel is the most classic and versatile design. The upwards-pointed peak lapel will add a stylish detail to your wedding outfit and is worn at semi-formal events. A peak or shawl lapel is the most appropriate for a formal wedding. Another noble accessory for your tuxedo or suit is a set of beautiful cufflinks cufflinks for jackets that can last for a lifetime.

The colour of your wedding suit sets the tone of your wedding aesthetic. Presenting your guests with a colour palette is a great way to hone the design of your wedding. Suits in traditional colours such as grey, black and navy are versatile and flattering. There are no limits to colour - a colourful suit is also a great way to express your personal style and add a modern touch to the reception. We advise you to wear a matte suit that absorbs the light and works best for photographs.

To ensure a perfect fit on your special day, we recommend you invest in a tailored, made-to-order suit. At Tiger of Sweden, we offer a personalised experience that allows you to create your own suit. Select your preferred suit model and fabric from more than 100 options. We will take your measurements and craft a custom suit that considers all your preferences.

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Suits for the best men, maid of honours and the wedding party

As a best man, maid of honour or member of the wedding party, you will be standing close to the newlyweds and should wear a suit that perfectly represents the formality and theme of the wedding. The suit worn by the best man or maid of honour especially should be adapted to the suits of the couple. Ensure that the jacket of the suit jacket of the suit sits comfortably on your shoulders and that about half an inch of your shirt is visible. The suit trousers should fit well around the hip without pulling tight and fall slightly on the top of your shoes.

The lapel of the jacket decides the formality of the suit. A notch lapel is always a good choice for a classic fit. A shawl lapel or tuxedo should only be worn if formal attire is desired. We encourage you to wear a peak lapel if the wedding theme allows for expressing your personal taste. The tie or bow tie should be in plain colours and made from silk.

Wedding outfits for guests

Wedding guests should choose a suit suitable for both the occasion and the event's formality. Choose a light colour and an appropriate fit, always respect the formality and try to stick to the colour palette of the wedding you're attending.

The suit size and fit is the most important characteristic of your suit. You can choose between a slim fit for a modern silhouette or a regular fit. A semi-slim fit suit allows for more room and is a classic option for special occasions and weddings. A regular fit allows room for movement and comfort.

Wedding outfits for every season

There are two important factors to consider when choosing a suit for a specific season: colours and fabrics. The colour of your suit should represent the current season, and the fabric should keep you warm or leave enough room for airflow and ease of movement.

Wedding outfits for the summer

In summer, you should choose a lightweight fabric that maximises breathability for summer air to flow through your jacket. Linen is an excellent option for a summer wedding, leaving room for a more relaxed fit. Light colours such as light blue, light green, beige or white are preferred during summer. If you prefer a classic option, we recommend a lightweight wool blend.

Autumn’s wedding suit

In Autumn, a wedding suit should be made from medium-weight fabrics and deep, seasonal tones. We recommend a wool blend that keeps you warm but offers ease of movement. You may consider replacing the classic white shirt with a matching turtleneck if the formality of the wedding allows it. Earthy tones such as brown, beige or caramel add a colourful accent to an autumn wedding.

Winter: find your wedding suit

Winter is the time for thick fabrics, layers, textured details and deeper colours. A winter suit should be made of thick fabric that keeps you warm without sacrificing a flattering silhouette. Fabrics made from wool and cashmere blends are a luxurious way to add extra warmth to your suit. Cooler, dark colours such as navy, taupe or grey set the tone for a winter wedding.

Spring: the ideal wedding suit

The weather can be unpredictable in spring. Choose light fabrics and pair your suit with a lightweight jacket. Similar to summer suits, we recommend light or classic muted colourways. Linen, cotton and silk blend suits are breathable and lightweight without compromising an elevated look.