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  • Spring/Summer 2020 - Menswear

    Swedish Grace; Artistic movement, encompassing architecture, design and craft that emerged in the 1920’s. Also known as Nordic Classism. A short but intensely creative period that coincided with Sweden’s transition into a modern, industrialized nation. The style was a clear break from the national romantic and jugend styles that predated it. Taking inspiration from classical antiquity, with clean lines, restrained proportions and spare, considered surface decoration, the style can be seen as a bridge to the radically modern style of functionalism.

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  • Modern Movement - Jacob Kampp Berliner

    To say that Jacob Kampp Berliner is a creative multitasker is an understatement. Whether it's an art gallery, a record label, a café or a fashion brand, he invests himself and his personal touch into every project. By always working together with others and seeing connections between each business, Kampp Berliner believes that balance comes naturally and collectively.

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