Spring Summer 2022


Tiger of Sweden returned to London Fashion Week to present ‘Performance’ - the Spring Summer 2022 Menswear and Womenswear Collection, created under Design Director Bryan Conway. With strong ties to London, the collection was presented during a physical event in Montague Square Garden and streamed live on social media.

Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2022
Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2022

The Collection

Named ‘Performance’, the concept behind the Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2022 collection is the translation of dialogue between performance and movement – a visual exploration of how the body moves, connecting both energy and expression.

Working with esteemed choreographer Franka Marlene Foth, the physical presentation champions performance both in the practical and emotional sense – a fusion between design functionality and innovation.

An intrigue into the construction of sportswear inspired the exploration of various design disciplines, allowing a unique interpretation of what is considered performance-wear.

Fabrications echo a distinct synergy between tailoring and activewear with the use of jersey, functional straps and flatlock seaming. Voluminous silhouettes and an experimentation of enlarged, soft proportions, which allow the body to move freely, as if in dance, are fused with the functionality of technical performance-wear. The two facets of performance explored.

Accessories showcase a similar narrative with functional details including sneakers stripped back to their most practical form. Garments are imbued with a sense of ease and freedom whilst remaining polished and formal. Prints come courtesy of a live dance performance reimagined through brisk and agile sketches - further enriching the visual exploration of performance captured through expressive brushstrokes and checkerboard patterned tiles, crafted from hand sketches in the design studio in Stockholm.

Akin to the joy of performance, the colour palette is awash with mood-lifting vivid accents of primary colours, complimented by sharp white contrasts. The collection is deeply rooted in the narrative of performance, recontextualising the meaning of performance-wear and underpinning the joy of expressive movement.

Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2022
Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2022