Nuda for Tiger of Sweden

"On midsummer’s night, pick seven different flowers from seven different meadows, put them under your pillow, and dream about your intended. Lift your skirt, feel the breeze. Come and blow the horn. Who believes in Swedish sin?"

Step into the world of “Curious Monika” designed by Tiger of Sweden in collaboration with Nuda.

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The collection “Curious Monika” revels in the vibes of 70s counterculture and passion positivity with some teeny-tiny shorts in brown leather and a pair of jeans grass-stained from mindlessly tumbling around in the fields.

Among cows on farm hills, inside timber houses, or straight on a rag carpet dressed in bobbin lace-trimmed cotton, the collection embodies the 70s folk movement’s urge to both embrace and go against tradition.

“Curious Monika” pays homage to this era of defiance, reimagining traditional Swedish costume with a contemporary twist. In the rebellious manner of the 70s, the collection embraces shapes, patterns, materials and craft of traditional Swedish costume. The collection’s red fabric has been developed together with Britt-Marie, an old weaver in rural Värmland, using original techniques and patterns for an unusual and updated composition.

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