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Spring / Summer

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  • Kungsträdgården Metro Station

    Kungsträdgården is a remarkable metro station. From the moment you step onto the escalator and head down towards the platforms, you are struck by a very specific smell. Not the dust or hot metal of other stations, but soil, like an old cellar. The rock walls are bare, untreated — the only station to be left that way in the whole of the Stockholm metro network. Between 1978 and 1986 artist Ulrik Samuelson transformed Kungsträdgården metro station into one of the most spectacular tube stops in the world — an immersive, underground installation of romantic decay.

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  • Spring/Summer 2019 - Menswear

    Tiger of Sweden Men Sping/Summer is a tribute to the spirit of always being on the move. Touching upon inner journeys as well as outer travel, this collection is about freedom, movement, and adventure. It features essential summer looks as well as tailoring classics, updated for a season of exploration and play.

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