ALL Collection Volume III

‌The ALL Collection returns for Fall Winter 2023, building on wardrobe icons and creating unique silhouettes tailored to men and women. New shapes are seen in seasonal staples, expanding the ALL Collection capsule into a more extensive offering.

Tiger of Sweden Models in All Collection
Tiger of Sweden Black Blazer

Styles focus on hero pieces, including an impeccably tailored suit steeped in quality craftsmanship. The collection is all about subtleties, and this remained the approach when designing these new silhouettes to create garments that suit all.


The ALL Collection continues to reinforce our sustainability efforts. This season, styles are crafted from a Swedish Wool blend. Wool is one of our most used fibres, and we are committed to improving how we work with this fibre within our collections. Collaborating with Swedish Wool has helped our team appreciate and understand the value of using this unused resource, which guarantees animal welfare under Swedish law, ensuring European production – from fibre to final product.

As a brand formed by Swedish values of equality,function, and meaningful design, our All Collection Volume III is a step into our future - rooted in our past.