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Our Strive Towards Sustainability

At Tiger of Sweden, we strive to positively influence industry change and facilitate the mindful consumption of consciously designed garments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create responsible garments designed to last. We stand for design rooted in quality craftsmanship - with collections living beyond seasonal trends.

Guided by our core values of responsibility and courage, we invest in conscious practices that make a difference and strive to be a brand that explores collaborative and innovative ways of becoming more sustainable.

We stay humble to the fact that we work in a polluting industry with the continuous need to improve our approach and build a community of changemakers to better our planet and its inhabitants.

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Our Commitments

Climate Action

We are committed to reducing our total greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. 

Responsible Materials

By 2030, all our fabrics should be responsibly sourced in accordance with our Preferred Fibre standard.

Mindful Consumption

We strive to facilitate more mindful consumption and aim to become a business that further supports a circular system. 

Full Transparency

By 2030 we aim to achieve complete visibility across our supply chain, including our raw material suppliers, material suppliers, and factories.

Our Design Handwriting

Anchored by our mission and driven by our commitments, we have formed a design ethos centred around four key values that reinforce our aim to strive for more sustainable practices. 

Quality Craftsmanship

We rely on quality craftsmanship and carefully selected materials to ensure every piece is designed with longevity in mind. 

Tailoring Expertise

Our long-standing tailoring expertise is infused into every garment we make, promising comfort and functionality through perfectly designed silhouettes. 

Contemporary Scandinavian Design

We create carefully designed fashion pieces with a timeless yet contemporary expression rooted in an appreciation for Scandinavian design principles. 

Natural Fibres

We favour natural fibres for their sustainable qualities and ability to be recycled into new products or biodegraded back to nature.  

“With a long-standing history in craftsmanship and making beautiful clothes, all our garments are carefully designed to last for many years. From our tailoring heritage to our modern uniforms in a changing world, we are challenging how we should look and how we should create more sustainably. Our commitment to innovation informs our sustainability efforts, both locally and internationally, and this commitment is as strong now as it was when the company was founded in 1903.”

– Bryan Conway, Creative Director

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