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Fibres & Materials

At Tiger of Sweden, we believe in the importance of creating products that last well beyond a season. To do so, we rely on quality craftsmanship and carefully selected materials - ensuring every piece is designed for longevity. 

Our Materials

Guided by our “Preferred Fibre Standard”, we strive to scale our use of fibres with a lower environmental impact, certified fibres, organic fibres, and recycled fibres. By 2030, all our fabrics should be responsibly sourced. 

How we make trims and details further enhance our sustainable product shift. We are saving more than a tonne of metal annually by removing the metal seal on hangtags and minimising the use of safety pins. We now use only paper labels that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Preferred Fibre Standard 

Our Preferred Fibre Standard guides how we source materials and fibres and helps measure our progress towards sustainability. An interactive tool, the Preferred Fibre Standard, is continuously updated with the latest research and innovation.

Preferred fibre categories include recycled fibres, organic fibres, regenerative fibres and fibres from certified sources. Garments composed primarily of preferred fibre fabrics are labelled “Responsible Choice”.

Find out more information about our Preferred Fibre Standard.

Animal Welfare

We stand firm in our belief that the production of any materials of animal origin must be done with respect to the lives and rights of animals. We are Fur Free Alliance compliant and support the Five Animal Freedoms Act. 


Chemical Compliance

We are committed to reducing the negative impact of chemicals to protect our consumers, employees, and the environment, and we actively communicate our Restricted Substance List (RSL) to our suppliers.

Review the Tiger of Sweden RSL.


Extended Responsibility

Recognising our need for progress, we encourage consumers to invest in fewer, better-quality garments and to use their clothes for as long as possible. We have created care guidelines and added the Clevercare symbol to all care labels. 

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