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TIGER OF SWEDEN <br />Jewellery Collection

Jewellery Collection

To accompany our Spring/Summer 2020 collection and bring the inspiration behind the collection to life, we asked studio MME A-S DÅVIK to create a limited edition jewellery collection – exclusively for Tiger of Sweden customers.

The jewellery line, consisting of Corsages for neck and wrist, and a tube necklace, is inspired by the Swedish Botanist Carl Linnaeus. All jewellery are hand made in Sweden in recycled sterling silver and can hold flowers or be elegantly worn by its own.

Care for your jewellery

All jewellery will naturally oxidize and age with scratches. Be careful with the Corsages, mean scratches will be visible on the large surface. Since the jewellery is real crafted silver, specialists in silver craft can most likely repair and treat the jewellery to make it look new again. Hand marks and exposure to air make the jewelry oxidize which can be polished with a silver cloth – this is a natural process for any untreated sterling silver. Please make sure the jewelry are handle with care. They should not be exposed to pressure from weights.

Storage: Store your jewelry separately in boxes or pouches in a dry and cool space. Do not store in paper, cardboard, or cotton-filled boxes that could contain traces of sulfur. Keep all jewelry from direct contact with water, soap, cosmetics and body lotions, perfumes or other chemical products in order to protect it from the development of stains or patina.

Cleaning: Clean your jewelry regularly with a polishing cloth to maintain its appearance and remove accumulated patina, and make sure to carefully wipe off any make-up residue, lotion or skin oil after each wear.