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High Summer

For High Summer, the Tiger Jeans collection owes a debt to the Rackstad set of artists who lived and worked together in western Sweden, united by a romantic yearning for nature and the simple rural life. The group’s landscapes are highly decorative, emphasising the surface, rather like traditional Japanese painting. For the collection, that inspiration translates into two prints – a dreamy ocean that stretches across a men’s Hawaiian shirt and shorts, and stars pasted across denim in both men’s and womenswear. In keeping with the ocean theme, the colour palette runs from blues to softly washed out greys, with a focus on vintage-look washes in denim.
The accessories all have a touch of the Great Outdoors. The men’s Biune Boot is inspired by the traditional hiking boot – slimmed down, with a few key tweaks for the city. Tiger Jeans continues to strive to make a positive difference to the environment and sustainability, using more organic fibres than ever, as well as innovative dyes that save energy and reduce the use of chemicals and water in the process.

Tiger of Sweden / Jeans

Built on the idea that garments should function for both leisure and work, the Tiger of Sweden/Jeans line make premium jeans at an affordable price point using superior quality denim that wears in beautifully. The line has an optimistic youthful edge, giving the wearer the freedom to mix things up.