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The Perfect Weekend with Martin Hansson Martin is wearing Lamonte Blazer and Legacie T-shirt.

What would you wear on The Perfect Weekend? We met up with Martin Hansson, Fashion Editor at Café Magazine during his weekend at Soho House Barcelona to talk about travelling, packing and personal style. We also took the opportunity to shoot him in his favourite pieces from the new season’s collection.

Working as Fashion Editor at the Swedish menswear magazine Café means Martin Hansson travels a lot. The past few weeks have brought him to NYC, Louisville, Koh Samui and now Barcelona, where he’s spending the weekend at Soho House before continuing on to London. If there is anyone you should talk to about travels and style, Martin is probably the best.

Tell us about your personal style?
My personal style is dressed but in a very relaxed way. I love a variety of colours and patterns. I would say that the relaxed suit trousers have become one of my signature garments the recent seasons. I love how versatile they are.

Does your personal weekend style differ compare to your daily style?
My weekend style is both exclusive and relaxed at the same time. On weekdays there is not always time to "make an outfit" so often I just throw on a hoodie or knitted sweater and comfortable jeans or suit trousers. On weekend trips I bring some finer pieces that I really want to wear, including more well-fitting tailor-made suits and luxurious suede jackets.

Do you have any specific item you use to highlight your personality?
I’m very interested in fragrances, which in a way I use to highlight my personality. My favourite is ”Santal 33” from Le Labo Fragrances, which they freshly hand-blend once you select your scent in the stores. The trick is to have one big bottle of perfume and one in travel-size which you could take with you in your hand luggage for the weekend trip or in your daily bag if you feel that you want a splash during the day.

What’s your packing process for a weekend trip?
When I'm going on a weekend trip I always take a suit with me. The suit is so versatile and you can incorporate it to a lot of different looks, such as wearing the blazer with a pair of jeans or the trousers along with a relaxed top. It always feels like a very stylish and effortless look and the days you want to dress up you just wear it all together.

Is there anything special that you always take with you?
I always take a lot of shirts and t-shirts with me to be able to vary a little bit. It is also the garments that are closest to the body so it feels fresh to change them frequently - together with underwear of course haha.

What garment/accessory do you miss in your weekend wardrobe?
I actually miss a pair of wide linen trousers with a high waist, which I want to wear with sandals and a polo shirt on lazy days on the French Riviera this summer. Martin is wearing Deawon Shirt.

What does your perfect weekend include?
It may sound a little bit posh but I love luxury hotels with a relaxed atmosphere, so a lovely hotel is a must. Recently my interest in interior design has grown a lot, so it's always fun to visit good interior stores abroad. Martin is wearing Vennes Pullover(Coming soon) and Hills Shorts.

You have travelled almost everywhere. What are your favourite destinations and your dream destination that you have yet to visit?
Long flights to the other side of the globe in all honesty, but every time I travel from Stockholm down to Skåne in the southern part of Sweden, I’m always getting struck by how beautiful Skåne really is with all its plains and the calm landscapes. So my next dream destination is actually a week offline in a house near Kivik and Österlen.

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