Tillbaka till toppen
As an homage to our heritage that stretches over 115-years, we have created a reinterpretation of one of our original suit models, introduced more than half a century ago. The new 1903 suit is slightly wider than the slim fit cut which for long has defined our brand. Its shape is based directly on that of the original suit, with wide peak lapels which add confidence and strength to the blazer. That said though, it´s carefully tuned to fit into the contemporary world, leaving the silhouette slender and modern.
Tiger of Sweden was established 1903 in Uddevalla on the Swedish west coast. Our founders Marcus Schwarzman and Hjalmar Nordström built the company on the Scandinavian principles of equality and fairness. Tiger of Sweden was first to bring ready-to-wear tailoring to Sweden, making suits accessible not solely for the rich few, but for the working many. Tailoring has defined the brand ever since, with an emphasis on cut, shape and fabric.
“This past year I’ve spent a lot of time in the archives. Tiger of Sweden has been around since 1903. All the secrets of tailoring are in those old images, garments and sketches. Even right back in the beginning, you can see the brand’s forward-thinking energy. When you look at some of the suits, they still look modern. If you didn’t know better, you might even say they were designed now.”
- Christoffer Lundman, Creative Director