Tillbaka till toppen

Tiger of Sweden Spring Summer 2021 collection: Ways of Seeing

‘’The richness of life is in the absence of uncertainties’’
Design Director, Tiger of Sweden, Bryan Conway.

The Collection

As two individuals gaze at an object, they find beauty and intrigue in different ways. The lenses through which we see are unique, built up over time, blurring, distorting and shaping what appears before us in ways that are wholly ours.

Post-Renaissance artists, writers and philosophers of the day set out on grand tours of Europe in search of knowledge for understanding and new ways of seeing. Paradigm shifts in thinking and ideas were put down on canvases, in books and set in stone - ideas that would shape culture for years to come.

Taking the brand through their own renaissance is new Design Director Bryan Conway who with the Tiger of Sweden SS21 collection is rediscovering and recontextualising the heritage brand. The collection implements beauty in the simplicity of tailoring and craftsmanship that’s been at the very core of the brand since 1903 and steers them in a new direction.

Patterns found in marble forms are transformed into beautifully distorted prints. Staple silhouettes that have been long taken for granted have been looked at from a fresh perspective transforming the context of how to wear them. Simple yet surprising textures and features come at you from the most unexpected places.

This collection breaks tradition with new ideas and ways of seeing with each piece ready to be discovered and taken on its own unique journey.


Delve into the collection inspiration further with our 1903 Journal VI Ways of Seeing. People from various backgrounds and disciplines – artists, writers, photographers, artisans and entrepreneurs – share their stories and interpret the collection themes, bringing their unique views and creativity to the pages.