Tillbaka till toppen


FW 18 - Womenswear
“Last year, one of the first things I did when coming on board as Creative Director was to raid the archives. Tiger of Sweden has been around since 1903. All the secrets of tailoring are in those old images, garments and sketches. But in the early years it’s all men. The company started out doing only men’s tailoring. Women at the time were locked out of positions of power.”
“It got me thinking about women’s tailoring, about the idea of a working uniform for women now. I didn’t want anything boringly corporate, so we cut suits slim and worked a lot with shoulders and lapels for a contemporary feel, a little boy-meet-girl. And we spent a lot of time getting the shirts right. Through it all is a Swedish feel.”

- Christoffer Lundman, Creative Director
In his debut womenswear collection for Tiger of Sweden Christoffer Lundman focuses on modern tailoring and a real-world wardrobe were formal meets informal in an eclectic clash. For Christoffer, the challenge has been to find remixes of classic tailored pieces that make sense for women living their lives across a spectrum of environments, from tech start-up hubs to offices and creative studios.

The blazer has been given a makeover, longer and sharper. Teamed with slim cigarette pants the silhouette is lean and modern. The point is to make the wearer feel confidently relaxed, a kind of effortless armour. Christoffer’s team spent a lot of time getting the shapes right, injecting fluidity and movement in skirts and dresses, creating a dialogue between masculine and feminine.

The collection refreshes a classic wardrobe staple – the white shirt, with a series that runs the game from borrowed-from-the-boys shirts in crisp cotton to pretty feminine silk blouses. There are injections of playfulness in the collection: oversized florals in eye-poppingly fresh colours take graphics in a new direction. Among the coolest executions print-wise is the Tiger of Sweden logo reimagined on t-shirts.
In a salute to brand's heritage, outerwear is inspired by traditional men’s tailoring, the proportions tweaked, and made in the most luxurious materials possible. Likewise, knitwear is crafted from the best cashmere and extra fine merino for maximum luxury.

The Fall/Winter campaign was shot at Filmhuset, the famous studio and cinema in Stockholm – inside the same studio where director Ingmar Bergman filmed Fanny and Alexander. The Filmhuset building itself is a destination, a modernist masterpiece designed by the architect Peter Celsing in the late 1960s. Since he was a teenager, Christoffer has been inspired by this era of Swedish history, when culture was a force for progressiveness in society, transforming Sweden into one of the most modern and gender-equal countries in the world.