Tillbaka till toppen


FW 18 - Menswear
“This past year I’ve spent more time back home in Sweden than since I was a teenager. Growing up in a small town my only escape was art and music. Lately I’ve been rediscovering my teenage first loves, especially movies. With my first collection I wanted to honour three giants of Swedish film: the director Ingmar Bergman, the architect Peter Celsing and culture mogul Harry Schein. We shot the campaign inside the Filmhuset, an incredible modernist building in Stockholm that is basically the spiritual home of film in Sweden. The idea for the place was dreamt up by Schein in the 1960s as a kind of cultural utopia with cinemas and offices and film studios. The building itself is a modernist masterpiece designed by Celsing. Bergman filmed Fanny and Alexander in Studio 1, which is where we shot the Fall/Winter campaign. These guys were towering figures, responsible for the golden era of Swedish film in the 1970s. Theirs is a story of limitless creativity, a kind of reckless courage and a total unwillingness to compromise. I admire that a lot.”
“I’ve also spent a lot of time in the Tiger of Sweden archive. Even right back in the beginning, you can see the brand’s forward-thinking energy. When you look at some of the suits, they still look modern. If you didn’t know better, you might even say they were designed now. We have brought back one of those early suits, the ‘1903’, a heritage suit based on an old archive finding. I’m very inspired by the history of the brand. It was the first company to do ready-to-wear suits in Sweden – for the many not the elite few. I love that sense of egalitarianism. It’s very Swedish.”

- Christoffer Lundman, Creative Director
In his debut menswear collection Christoffer Lundman celebrates three giants of Swedish film: director Ingmar Bergman, entrepreneur Harry Schein and the architect Peter Celsing. Schein and Celsing were the driving forces behind Filmhuset, the famous culture hub in Stockholm, completed in 1971. The collection was shot inside Studio 1, the same studio where Bergman filmed Fanny and Alexander. These giants defined a generation of Swedish film, and also embodied Swedish values emerging in that era, of integrity, modernity, equality and progressiveness.

Christoffer has also been inspired by the Tiger of Sweden archive, and the label’s tailoring heritage. Browsing through the archives he discovered a startlingly modern suit from the early 30’s which he felt completed the Tiger of Sweden tailoring wardrobe of today – and the ‘1903 suit’ was born. A heritage suit, reimagined and tweaked for the 21st century, the 1903 is little narrower than the original – available in single and double-breasted versions, as all of the brand’s suits were in between 1903 and 1935.
Christoffer and his team have also tailored the ‘2018 suit’, a new suit with a slim cut for a very contemporary feel, sharp shoulders, and a narrow waist and lapels. 115 years separate these two suits, but while fashions change, for men, there is always the reassurance and comfort of a classic well-cut suit. Elsewhere, the collection honours the staples that form the foundation of man's wardrobe, pieces immune to the vagaries of fashion: the peacoat, the cashmere sweater, and the shirt, updated in washed cotton for a modern feel, all made in the most luxurious cloth.