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The Festive Collection

The starting point of the collection was the exploration of the art of dressing up and the nuances of watching a performance. A shift in approach was needed to transform the conventional expectations of evening wear and what festive attire means in today’s landscape; the blurring line between staying in and going out.
The collection strikes a balance between function and polish - offering comfortable, refined pieces imbued with a sense of ease and freedom.

Offbeat accents and voluminous silhouettes meet to form designs rooted in comfort and versatility. Knitted sets are seen for the first time in our menswear collection, creating a contrast to the traditional tailored strictness of a suit. Womenswear offers floor-length jersey dresses, reimagining the traditional evening gown. Comfort is at a premium: outerwear pieces include an oversized padded cape coat crafted to envelop the body in warmth.

The colour palette is defined by neutral tones of black, navy and white, with accents of rich rust hues. Embellishment comes courtesy of embroidered detailing on knits and matching scarves.

In essence, the festive collection recontextualizes the meaning of dressing up and underpins a new vision resulting in relaxed occasion wear.