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Stories from our present

  • Spring/Summer 2020 - Womenswear

    For our Spring/Summer 2020 collection, we take inspiration from the solice and lush surroundings of Hammarby, Swedish scientist Carl von Linné's country estate outside of Uppsala. To Linné, Hammarby was a place of exploration, contemplation and beauty. This is where he went to get recharged and inspired, in between publishing his 70+ books and 300+ scientific studies. To us, spending time in the woods and on the fields surrounding Hammarby became an explorative journey, taking us back in time and closer to the wonders of nature than we've ever been before.

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  • Modern Movement - Jacob Kampp Berliner

    To say that Jacob Kampp Berliner is a creative multitasker is an understatement. Whether it's an art gallery, a record label, a café or a fashion brand, he invests himself and his personal touch into every project. By always working together with others and seeing connections between each business, Kampp Berliner believes that balance comes naturally and collectively.

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  • Made-to-Order

    Our Made-to-Order program is a personalised experience, which allows you to create your own signature look. We offer you the opportunity to pick and choose among a broad spectrum of styles, fits, fabrics, linings and details, thereby creating garments truly tailored to your unique preferences.

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