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Stories from our present

  • The Swedish East India Company and Tureholm Castle

    In the world of the 18th-century imagination, China became a paradise, a heavenly kingdom on earth full of delights and harmony, where everyone lived a life of plenty under the wise guidance of the emperor, an enlightened kingdom based upon the principles of Confucian philosophy. China had something for everyone. While the aristocracy were attracted by Chinese luxury and exoticism, supporters of the Enlightenment admired Chinese civil servants, the mandarins, who were recruited on merit rather than by accident of birth. China became the utopian mirage of the 18th century.

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  • Christoffer Lundman - Designer of the Year 2018

    The Swedish fashion and lifestyle magazine Café annually nominate the most outstanding in Swedish men's fashion. This year, Tiger of Sweden's creative director Christoffer Lundman is the winner of the category Designer of the Year.

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  • 115th Anniversary Black Tie Party

    On Tuesday 29th November we celebrated our 115th years anniversary with a big black-tie ball in grand style at Villa Pauli in Stockholm. Invited to host the evening together with us was our friend, the most glamourous creature on earth: A Man To Pet.

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