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The third project within our Objects line is a limited series of unique, handcrafted vases, created together with Pilglas and crafted by the glassblower Lennart Nissmark at Studio Glashyttan in Åhus. The project is paying homage to Sweden´s tradition of glassmaking and overall crafts heritage.

The collection consists of 43 unique, mouth-blown glass vases designed by Studio Trojka and Jonas Larsen. 30 of the 43 vases are used in our own stores, and 13 of the pieces will be available for purchase, either through or through our Stockholm flagship store at Biblioteksgatan.

The art of blowing glass is a complex process which requires years of experience to master. You have to work in perfect harmony with the glowing mass of melted sand to shape it into new creations. Observing the process resembles watching a dance. The production moulds are weaved of locally grown willow, picked by designers from the Åhus area. When the hot glass is blown into the mould, smoke, steam and a beautiful scent from fresh branches spread out within the glasswork. The mould changes slightly for each created vase; some branches shrink, redirect, burn away or form a new shape. This makes each single object unique.


Designer: Studio Trojka & Jonas Larsen.
Glass blower: Lennart Nissmark, Studio Glashyttan, Åhus.
Edition of the big vase: 30 (of which 3 are available for sale).
Edition of the small vase:10 (of which 10 are available for sale).
Price of the big vase: 6499 SEK/649 EUR.
Price of the small vase: 1999 SEK/199 EUR.