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Under her label MME A-S DÅVIK Anna-Sara Dåvik designs garments and jewellery of timeless elegance. To accompany Tiger of Sweden’s Fall/Winter collection Dåvik has created a curved silver neck-ring holding a black agate stone at its tip. The neck-ring can be worn on its own or with its sculptural front-piece. The first one of its kind, the neck-ring is made of recycled sterling silver and was handcrafted by Dåvik’s father, who is a goldsmith and makes all the MME A-S DÅVIK jewellery in his studio in Gothenburg. Dåvik found the oval-shaped black agate in an old Stockholm shop: ‘In Östermalm there’s a company that started selling stones in 1919. I go there from time to time to look through the old envelopes, largely forgotten today. To me they’re filled with treasures,’ Dåvik says.’

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In the MME A-S DÅVIK atelier, situated in an old castle on a small island outside Stockholm, each piece is made by hand. ‘Over time the design process has been distilled and the focus has shifted. Today my aim is to make items and garments that will last generations,’ Dåvik reflects. In natural materials of silk, wool, cotton or linen, all carryover fabrics from Italian mills, each piece is made to order with its destined owner in mind. The silhouettes are simple, to suit various bodies, yet with the subtle drama that is characteristic of a MME A-S DÅVIK design. Summarizing the philosophy of the atelier, Dåvik concludes: ‘There must be a reason to add a piece of design to the world, and an owner that will enjoy its beauty and care for the piece over time and for generations to come.’

MME A-S DÅVIK designs are born from research – journeys through time where encounters with the beauty of the past inspire the work. With its strong, clean lines the neck-ring embodies the theme of the current Tiger of Sweden collection, Swedish Grace, referencing the 1920s style that integrated the antique into modern designs with pure shapes. For the neck-ring, Dåvik’s source of inspiration was two late Swedish Grace era artists: the furniture designer and later architect Greta Grossman (‘there was a chair by Grossman that I got particularly stuck on, a palisander chair with a black oval back’) and the silversmith Wiwen Nilsson. The neck-ring’s title, GGWN01, incorporates the two designers’ initials in a respectful tribute to those whose work inspired it almost a century later. As Dåvik emphasizes: ‘My designs are always in connection with what has come before. My universe is evolving through time, filled with elements that inspire me, interpreted in my way.


Necklace: Recycled Sterling Silver.
Stone: Reclaimed Agate


23 995 SEK incl. VAT

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