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Tiger of Sweden Summer 2021 collection: Wrapping and Revealing

‘’‘It was how these two opposite emotions and physical reactions could work together, either harmoniously or contradictory, that was the starting point of the collection and what we wanted to explore’.

Design Director, Tiger of Sweden, Bryan Conway.

The Collection

The initial impetus behind the collection was an emotional reaction to unprecedented times - a shift in approach was needed to transform the conventional expectations of a summer collection.

Taking this reaction and turning it into a functional response became paramount in the design process. The idea of wrapping and revealing can be seen throughout the collection. A balance of opposites that creates unexpected silhouettes and results in garments that both wrap and reveal either separately or simultaneously. Simply adding subtle details, such as an extra button to tailored coats creates fresh perspectives on how the garment functions – wraps around the wearer’s body.

Similarly, a dress that is wrapped taut, almost in knots around the body sits next to a dress redacted and reduced to only the essential parts.

Classic floral prints are reinterpreted with an abstract twist, creating a dramatic juxtaposition between strong patterns and soft linen fabrics.

Shot in the Swedish Archipelago, the lookbook combines comfort and warmth encapsulating an innate sense of togetherness focusing on human connections.

In the brand’s strive towards sustainability, summer 2021 is the latest step towards actively and inclusively changing the fashion industry. It is the most sustainable collection that Tiger of Sweden has created with over half of the collection crafted from preferred fibres. In the face of an ever-challenging social climate, this further enhances the brand’s commitment to transparency and authenticity.