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Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2021 collection:

Introducing the Tiger of Sweden Fall Winter 2021 Collection – a collection inspired by Life in Stockholm. Presented at London Fashion Week in February, this is the first Fall Winter Collection from Design Director, Bryan Conway.

‘’Observations of what is happening around me. Of life and how people are living here. There is the element of being a voyeur in the city in which you reside, just going for a walk and watching life as it unfolds around you’’ – Bryan Conway

The Collection

It is a newcomer’s view. Watching and celebrating – the familiar or the minute not taken for granted. From the most unassuming lichen that is growing on the rocks by the water all around and in the forest, always growing, regardless of whether you witness it or not to how people move about the city. For us, the mundane becomes sublime.

A not so grand tour around Stockholm. More of a daily commute than a grand adventure.

Kacper Kasprzyk becomes another pair of eyes. Another equally valid point of view observing the slow, unlooked continuous motion of life through the project commissioned at the start of the collection, looking and framing life here. In Kacper’s work, it is the absence of the object, the part that is left behind – the transient shadow becomes the way the story is told, and the frame collated and grided in the collection’s prints, through which we see.

Through the fabrics used; waxed cotton, raw denim, moleskin, leathers, the same hint of life is seen and the garments will show a picture of the wearer over time. They are fabrics that wear with you, eventually, they become a portrait of you – where you are and what you have done.

The practicality, what you have done, becomes central to the type of clothes we wish to craft. Functionality in all its mundane necessity runs throughout. Weather, the elements, the boundless expanses of water in Stockholm and the changing nature of all of these is a challenge and a constant inspiration. The collection is rooted in authentic craftsmanship, with an earnest focus on the wearer, functionality and nature.
Sounds of Sweden
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