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Fall/Winter 2019

Our World / Our Present / Stories
  • Modern Movement - Maria Foerlev

    Maria Foerlev is the founder of Etage Projects, a Copenhagen-based gallery that seeks to actively question and push the lines between art and design, abstraction and function. Her space provides a platform for artists whose work fall somewhere in between established genre notions, thereby broadening the definitions of contemporary art, architecture and design in the 21st century. To break with tradition and norms, Foerlev believes that you have to trust your instinct – but also do your research...

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  • Our 1903 Journal - 3rd Edition

    Our 1903 Journal is about curiosity; picturing the enduring presence, places and works of people and places that inspire us. Our 3rd edition is about the design era "Swedish Grace" characterized by an artistic movement, encompassing architecture, design and craft that emerged in the 1920's.

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