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Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing policy as pdf



    The Tiger of Sweden Group of companies (the “Group”) consists of Tiger of Sweden Aktiebolag and its subsidiaries. The Group is committed to conducting its business according to the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards. In line with this commitment, and the Group’s commitment to open communication, this Policy aims to provide an avenue for anyone employed or engaged by the Group or by a business partner of the Group to – on an anonymous basis if appropriate – raise concerns or report any known or potential misconduct, violation of Group policies or applicable laws and regulations, without retaliation or retribution. This Policy establishes standards and procedures to ensure that all complaints and reports of misconduct are addressed timely and thoroughly with the highest standards of confidentiality, objectivity, and fairness, in compliance with Group Policies and applicable laws and regulations.

    This Policy establishes procedures to protect anyone employed or engaged by the Group or by a business partner of the Group from retaliation for whistleblowing in good faith.


    The Group proposes an external reporting channel through the third-party Hailey HR. A report can be submitted in writing through the Whistleblowing Portal.

    Please note that this external reporting channel is an addition to our ongoing internal administration. To enable feedback and dialogue regarding the concern an e-mail address needs to be provided. Your e-mail address will at no point be revealed to the company and your anonymity is not affected by providing your e-mail address. Its only purpose is to notify you when the company has responded to your concern.

    Once registered, the submitted report will be processed by The Whistleblowing Committee which consists of the Group’s CFO, General Counsel, Global HR Manager, and the Chairman of the board.


    All processing of Personal Data will be done in compliance with the GDPR as well as other applicable Data Protection Legislation and Regulations. Personal Data will only be processed if necessary, in order to receive, Follow up and provide Feedback on a report by a Whistleblower. Personal Data which are manifestly not relevant for the handling of a specific report shall not be collected or, if accidentally collected, shall be deleted without undue delay.

    Personal Data may not be processed for longer than two (2) years following the closure of the reported matter.

    Only those authorised to receive, Follow up and provide Feedback on a report from a Whistleblower may access Personal Data collected and processed in the matter.