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Women’s blazers.

With a focus on designing high-quality essentials for the modern wardrobe, Tiger of Sweden creates a wide range of blazers featuring distinct cuts, colours and lengths. Elevate your everyday wardrobe with a classic blazer, or wear it with matching trousers for a sophisticated and contemporary silhouette. Honouring our proud tailoring heritage, we craft a wide range of styles, from relaxed-fit, slim-fit, cropped-fit and regular-fit blazers, to double breasted and oversized blazers, all designed with different pockets and lapels. Shop below for contemporary women’s blazers.

A wide array of colours and materials.

Tiger of Sweden uses premium organic materials to create long-lasting garments that will fit your body better with each wear. Marrying quality craftsmanship with contemporary design, we craft our blazers from high-quality materials made to last. Using materials such as wool, cotton, leather, linen and lyocell, we create blazers in a wide range of fabrics to cater for all occasions. The colour palette of our collections consist of timeless shades including navy, black, cream, grey, brown and blue, as well as bolder red and green accents. Explore our wide array of colours and materials that create a flattering and polished look without compromising on comfort.

Blazers for work and casual settings.

Tiger of Sweden offers a wide assortment of unique styles, ranging from short, fitted single-button blazers to relaxed-fit longline blazers with three buttons. For effortless work attire and formal dressing, matching trousers or skirts are available for most of our blazers. A velvet or satin blazer over an elegant top is perfect for a formal event, whilst warm wool-stretch or cool cotton blends are ideal options for comfortable work and everyday wear.

Sustainable Fashion for a Better World.

At Tiger of Sweden, we strive to place ethical clothing production at the forefront of our business operations. Our blazer collections offer responsibly sourced options with fabrics that have been carefully selected based on their ability to minimise environmental and social impacts. Scandinavian design is rooted in quality and durability, which Tiger of Sweden emphasises through clearly defined sustainability goals that focus on using eco-friendly materials, reducing greenhouse emissions, achieving lasting quality and providing transparent supply chains.

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