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Men’s shirts made to last.

Tiger of Sweden offers a wide range of shirt styles with many cuts, colours and lengths. We create collared and collarless contemporary designs in high-quality materials such as cotton, linen, leather, cotton jersey and twill. Ranging from relaxed-fit and oversized to slim-fit and straight-fit, our shirts are made to be wardrobe staples, suitable for work and casual settings. Shop online here for high-quality men’s shirts.

Contemporary men’s shirts for all occasions.

From classic white, blue or black cotton shirts that are equally suitable for business meetings and casual events to patterned and textured shirts perfect for nights out with friends, we offer styles for both work and leisure. Both collared and collarless options work well in casual settings, and for formal events, we also offer button-down shirts to pair with a suit or tuxedo. Shop here for contemporary men’s shirts for any occasion.

Quality craftsmanship for comfort and style.

Tiger of Sweden creates timeless and contemporary designs using fabrics of the highest quality. In line with our tailoring heritage, we take pride in creating shirts that will fit your body better with each wear, so you can look polished and feel comfortable at all times. Many of our shirts can be buttoned up or worn as an open shirt over a t-shirt, giving you the freedom to mix things up and dress them up or down. Buy our high-quality shirts online here.

Durable shirts produced with the environment in mind.

Tiger of Sweden strives to place ethical clothing production at the forefront of our business operations. We aim to provide sustainable options and use premium materials to create long-lasting garments. Scandinavian design is rooted in quality and sustainability, which Tiger of Sweden emphasises through design practices that focus on using eco-friendly materials, reducing greenhouse emissions, achieving lasting quality and providing transparent supply chains. We offer ethically-produced men’s shirts sourced from materials selected carefully based on their ability to minimise environmental and social impacts.

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