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Tiger of Sweden Summer Collection 2022

The starting point of this collection was the exploration of craft – an unwavering appreciation of artisanship. With a combined commitment to quality craftsmanship, collaborating with Swedish heritage brand Klässbols was a natural fit for the summer collection.

Working with Klässbols created a unique synergy – examining the place of craft in design and placing it in a contemporary context. This collection is the first time Klässbols have developed fabrics with a fashion company – working closely with the Tiger of Sweden team resulted in a collaborative journey ensuring the natural quality of the linen was highlighted without compromising the cut.

The Collection

The collection strikes a balance between heritage craft and the quest for innovation – creating something unexpected and unique.

Prints are deliberately toned down with designs focusing on textures and reimagined silhouettes. Dynamic textures come courtesy of Klässbols’s expertise in jacquard linen, which is seen in both menswear and womenswear. Offbeat accents and voluminous silhouettes meet to form designs that are playful yet polished.

The colour palette is defined by neutral earthy tones reminiscent of natural fibres, accented with strong contrasts of pop colours. Accessories are elevated throughout the collection, intertwining craft with function coupled with directional detailing.

In a continuous strive towards more sustainable practices, working with Klässbols further enhances a commitment to sourcing locally and celebrating traditional techniques and craft, which promise a more traceable supply chain.