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Fall Winter 2022

Continuing with a similar narrative as the summer collection, Fall Winter 2022 embraces traditional craft with a contemporary spin – nostalgic references are seen throughout, preserving the thoughtfulness of quality craftsmanship.

Craft is irrefutably personal, and this personal approach is celebrated in the collection. Designs honour Tiger of Sweden’s tailoring heritage whilst also honouring artisans of craft – journeying along with the people and the process.

The Arts and Crafts movement serves as a significant reference point, with the artisan and material taking centre stage. What once was taken for granted is placed at the forefront of the design process, transforming the context of how we look at the practical elements of craft.
This collection has many stories to tell, creating a synergy be- tween traditional techniques and contemporary craftsmanship. Details usually hidden are celebrated, visibly reflecting the technical approach involved in the design process. Garments including dresses, suits and gilets almost appear inside-out, underpinning an unwavering appreciation of artisanship.
In a continuous strive towards more sustainable practices, sourcing locally has become an essential journey for the brand. By sourcing Swedish wool for this collection, Tiger of Sweden uses an unused resource that guarantees animal welfare under Swedish law and ensures European production – from fibre to final product.
This collection also sees a collaboration between Swedish wool spinning mill Östergötlands Ullspinneri and “Hemslöjden” which is a non-profit organisation focusing on crafts. The collaboration results in handmade mittens, with the entire yarn/wool production completed in Sweden.

In essence, the collection strikes a balance between heritage craft, design storytelling and the quest for innovation – preserving craftsmanship at the core of the brand’s identity whilst creating unexpected and unique designs rooted in quality.