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Tiger of Sweden / Jeans

Built on the idea that garments should function for both leisure and work, the Tiger of Sweden/Jeans line make premium jeans at an affordable price point using superior quality denim that wears in beautifully. The line has an optimistic youthful edge, giving the wearer the freedom to mix things up.

Swedish Grace; Artistic movement, encompassing architecture, design and craft that emerged in the 1920’s. Also known as Nordic Classism. A short but intensely creative period that coincided with Sweden’s transition into a modern, industrialized nation. The style was a clear break from the national romantic and jugend styles that predated it. Taking inspiration from classical antiquity, with clean lines, restrained proportions and spare, considered surface decoration, the style can be seen as a bridge to the radically modern style of functionalism. The style came to have an international breakthrough at the Paris Exhibition of 1925 and paved way to international success for Swedish design and craft.