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Pre-Spring 2020

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  • Modern Movement - Sara Nuru

    Born from Ethiopian parents in Germany, Sara Nuru started working with Non-Governmental Organization Menschen für Menschen (People for People) at the young age of 20. Since then, she and her sister have founded the social business “NuruCoffee”, which support microloans and education for women through fair trade coffee sales, but also connecting them both back to their African roots...

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    To accompany our Fall/Winter 2019 collection Anna-Sara Dåvik has created a curved silver neck-ring holding a black agate stone at its tip. The neck-ring can be worn on its own or with its sculptural front-piece. The first one of its kind, the neck-ring is made of recycled sterling silver and was handcrafted by Dåvik’s father, who is a goldsmith and makes all the MME A-S DÅVIK jewellery in his studio in Gothenburg.

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