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Stories from our present

  • Modern Movement - Kristina Åberg

    Kristina Åberg is the producer behind films like The Nile Hilton Incident, Metropia and Regretters, as well as a reporter at the foreign affairs desks of national news programs in Sweden. Whether she reports from war inflicted areas or produces movies about the darker sides of real life, her stories are often uncomfortable – but necessary. Central to her philosophy is that when you work together, 1 + 1 is always greater than 2. 2018 she was rewarded the prestigious Swedish film price the Guldbagge Award as the producer for The Nile Hilton Incident.

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  • Tiger of Sweden x Hand in Hand

    Together with Hand in Hand we have started a Village Uplifting Program in India. The goal is to lift an entire village about 1500 out of poverty. The project will last for two years and coordinates effort within five areas that drastically improve people's living conditions and contribute to lasting results.

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  • Modern Movement - Alva Bratt

    Actress Alva Bratt is starting out her career in a tumultuous but exciting time. Structures that once was a given are being torn down, and for young women in the movie business, working together in sisterhood is quickly becoming the new norm. Alva’s passion for acting and for the movie business at large, learning the craft from scratch and continuously taking notes from her older colleagues, is the perfect example of a new generation who starts their professional lives with a regained collective spirit.

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