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Suede Shoes

Suede Shoes

Many people remain in the false myth that suede is a sensitive material. Suede and nubuck are often more durable than leather. On the other hand, suede is a difficult material to care for and keep up with. But there are tips and tricks that keep the suede and nubuck shoes nice and clean.

Protect with spray

Suede and nubuck uppers can be treated using a suede protector spray. We always recommend you spray an even layer over the entire shoe when they are new. This will keep a lot of dirt and stains from sticking to your shoes and will also make them a bit more water-resistant.

Brush after wear

Use a suede brush to and brush the shoes off after wear. Even if your suede and nubuck shoes don't look dirty damp and dirt can stick between the fibers and grow into the material. When you brush suede, you should brush in one direction. It makes the fibers rest in the same direction and gives a smoother appearance. We recommend you to brush towards the toe of the shoe.

Lighter cleaning and refreshment

A gentle and easy way to clean your suede and nubuck shoes is to boil water in a teapot and to hold the shoes over the steam, or use a steamer. Steam will lift the fibers in the suede and release small particles of dirt. When you have steamed the shoes use a suede brush in rubber to lift the fibers even more and release dirt and debris.

Spot clean stains

If you get single stains on your suede shoes you can use a suede eraser to remove dry stains. Rub the stains out using moderate to firm pressure on the shoe.

Deep clean suede

Hard stains may necessitate treatment with a suede shampoo. This can sound a bit harsh, but it actually works really well and could almost renew the colour of the suede. Pour the shampoo into a bowl of water and lather up a foam with a small brush (dauber) or a toothbrush. Take a dauber and rub the cleaner over the whole shoe until it the surface is foamy. Rinse the shoe under running water until the suede shampoo is gone. Fill your shoes with newspaper to help them keep the shape and let them dry slowly and naturally at room temperature. When the shoes are dry use a brass brush to lift the fibres and to give back the lustre in the shoes.
After you have cleaned your shoes we recommend you to spray an even layer with a suede protector spray before you start walking out in your newly cleaned shoes.
If you feel that the shoes have lost colour a little bit of their colour tone during the process you can buy a re-colouring condition spray in the same colour as the suede and spray an even layer over the shoe before you use a protector spray. This will give the shoe a more lustre and a deeper and more even colour tone.  

If this sounds too complicated, you can always take your shoes to the nearest shoemaker and let them do the procedure for you.