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Sneaker Care

Sneaker Care

Sneakers and tailoring are a combination that works perfectly together. We like to wear our suits with a pair of elegant sneakers to get a more effortless and lighter approach to the look. But tailoring and dirty sneakers is a combination that we prefer not to see.

A pair of sneakers is as important as a pair of dress shoes in your closet, and it isn’t just a wear and tear shoe. If you look after your sneakers they could be with you for many seasons. Here are a few tips to make them wearable longer.

Protect with spray

Whether your sneakers are in leather, suede or canvas the uppers can be treated using a protector spray. We always recommend you to spray an even layer over the entire shoe when they are new. This will keep a lot of dirt and stains from sticking to your shoes and will also make them a bit more water-resistant.

Dirt, marks and stains

Have your leather or canvas sneakers become dirty? Just stay calm, 15 minutes of your time will make them look fresh again. Invest in a sneaker cleaner solution. Look for a product that’s made from as many natural materials as possible and you will do both your sneakers and mother nature a favour. If your sneakers are in suede, please check the section about suede shoes.

How to apply sneaker cleaner

Take a damp cloth and wipe away stains and marks. Remove the laces to be able to clean the tongue. Use a foaming cleanser specifically formulated for sneakers. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water. Put some of the solution into the bowl with water and dip the top of a firm bristled brush in the water. Apply a small amount of the cleanser solution along the brush. Go over the shoe and scrub in circular motions until the entire surface of the shoe is foamy. If it stops lather as you go along, add more solution to the brush. Wipe off the foam with a clean damp cloth and leave the sneakers to dry at room temperature. When the sneakers are dry spray a layer of protection spray on the sneakers before lacing them.


The laces are one of the parts of the shoe that’s most visible but also the part that gets dirty easily. The good part is that a pair of laces is the easiest thing to exchange and a really small investment that makes a big difference to the shoes. Laces are also easy to freshen up. Put them in the bowl with sneaker cleaner after you’ve cleaned the sneaker, wash under cold water and let dry overnight, or put them into a wash bag and throw them into the washing machine next time you do the washing. They will almost turn up like new.

Insole odour

This part isn’t the most fun to talk about, but the majority of people have felt a lightly unpleasant smell come out of their sneakers. Sometimes you can just remove the inner sole and air it out. If the odour is more excessive, remove the inner sole and store them in an enclosed box with baking soda to eliminate the smell. If they still smell, buy a new pair of insoles.