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Stories from our present

  • High Summer 2019 - Menswear

    "In Sweden we live so much outdoors. Moving back to Stockholm after 15 years in London made me realise how much I’d missed the closeness nature. I find myself more and more escaping the city, spending weekends at a cabin owned by some friends. What we wanted for Pre-Fall was to bring the outdoors into men’s urban wardrobes – that sense of comfort and practicality."

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  • High Summer 2019 - Womenswear

    “The Pre-Fall collection is about getting out of the city, finding that clearness of mind that comes when you’re close to nature. In Sweden we crave that; I go a bit crazy if I spend too long in my urban life. We wanted to bring an outdoorsy feel to clothes in the city. So, there are sandals over hiking socks, a pretty dress worn with a chunky knit. In the tailoring we’ve done some suits with shorts instead of skirts – they’re kind of attractive and awkward at the same time.”

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  • Modern Movement - Anna-Sara Dåvik

    Anna-Sara Dåvik is a fashion designer with purpose and reflection. Nothing is left to chance and understanding why and how we dress is the foundation of her design. Style and vision is a conversation, and by looking inwards, into yourself, she wants to encourage everyone to find that voice.

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