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The Suited Series

Introducing our Suited Series – we catch up with influential tastemakers who regularly integrate the suit into their daily routine. Throughout this series, we will delve into their relationship with this wardrobe staple – the way a suit makes them feel, its role in their wardrobe and the ideology behind formal dressing in a casual world.

The suit has always been at the forefront of the Tiger of Sweden brand, with founders Marcus Schwarzman and Hjalmar Nordström bringing ready-to-wear tailoring to the masses in Sweden, ensuring that garments like the suit were made for everyone.

To highlight just how versatile the Tiger of Sweden suit is, we spoke to Hamburg-born contemporary artist Paul Schrader to find out how it makes him feel, and why it reflects his artistic vision. A former lawyer, the suit quickly became an everyday staple in Paul’s wardrobe and continues to be a foundational piece in his daily rotation.



When it comes to the crucial elements he looks for in a suit, Schrader comments "the fabric, the cut, and the colour are key. A good suit is a rather complicated matter’’

At Tiger of Sweden, we honour our tailoring heritage to create premium suits that last whilst maintaining functionality, approaching the suit in a new and more relaxed manner.

Schrader remarks "I prefer to wear pieces that I feel comfortable in, and I think that's what creates a personal style. The suit is part of the job as a lawyer, but of course, a lawyer doesn't necessarily wear a suit in the evening during his free time. Similarly, an artist may not necessarily need a tie. Artistic and stylistic freedom means that you can wear whatever you want, as long as you feel comfortable."



‘’The Tiger of Sweden suits fit right away and were instantly comfortable to wear. It's fun to get dressed up properly again and bury my sweatpants deep in the closet, but at the same time, I want to keep that comfortable feeling and that’s why especially the oversized look and the materiality of the new burgundy Tiger of Sweden suit fits my current situation quite well."
– Paul Schrader